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Driven helps employers and employees with mobility issues. So whether it involves automobiles, vans, bicycles or public transport: with custom recommendations, we ensure that every means of transport can be deployed efficiently, flexibly, sustainably and easily. For a long time, organisations considered mobility to be little more than moving people from A to B. But you can achieve so much more with the proper focus. So whether you’re looking for savings in the mobility fleet, encouraging working from home or having mobility contribute to vitality and sustainability within a company: the experts at Driven can help with this.

Complete and flexible

Driven offers a total package in the area of business mobility. Solutions that are personal, but also viable for the entire company. Efficient and clear. We do this using (shared) cars, vans, bikes, public transport or combinations of these. For a day, a couple of months, a year or longer. Because you don’t have to be locked into a contract for a long time: each solution can be deployed flexibly. And, to make things even easier, everything is included in a single invoice – from contracts to maintenance to service.

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No-obligation scan

Looking at mobility in new ways often results in both surprising insights and cost savings. That’s why Driven offers entrepreneurs a no-obligation mobility scan. During the scan, the current mobility situation at the organisation is inventoried. How many employees have leased company cars?
Mobility Scan

And how many of those cars are parked during business hours? How many employees live within a commuting radius of 15 km? Driven also looks at wishes and objectives – in the areas of sustainability and health, for example. Entrepreneurs receive an advisory report about optimal substantiation of their mobility. Naturally, that proposal can be implemented quickly and expertly.


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“Our goal: having the Dutch labour force travel more efficiently and more sustainably. Because everyone profits from clever deployment of mobility.”

— Antoinette Benning, Director of Driven