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Announcement: partnership with Toyota in financial mobility solutions

Louwman is on the eve of an important strategic development. Toyota Financial Services, the financial services division of Toyota Motor Corporation, intends to become a co-shareholder in Alcredis Finance.

Louwman an intensive collaboration for almost 60 years with Toyota Motor Corporation. The company foresees significant growth in financial products such as leasing, private leasing, financing, insurance and subscriptions. To accelerate this innovation in financial products and to be able to continue to finance this, Louwman choose to look for a strong partner.
Toyota is a logical choose, because both companies have had an intensive collaboration for many years, which will be further strengthened with this partnership. Together they are stronger on the financial market.

It is an intention, that needs to be approved. As soon as all the necessary steps are completed, Alcredis will continue under the name Toyota Louwman Financial Services. The service, the organization, the labels used and the professional team of employees will continue to exist.

Unique relationship
Eric Louwman, President of the Louwman Group: “The Louwman Group’s unique long-term relationship with Toyota goes back to 1964, the year in which we became the official Toyota importer in the Netherlands. Since then, mutual respect has grown year by year, with the latest confirmation by the announced partnership. In this way we are transforming from an automotive to a mobility company. Together with our dealer partners, we are setting the tone.”

Even better services
Ivo Ljubica, CEO Toyota Financial Services Europe: “We have learned from our customers across 41 countries in Europe, that automotive demand is changing towards “Mobility as a service”. Toyota Louwman Financial Services becoming a true Mobility Company, will provide the means for future transportation. With this new Cooperation we approach the connected mobility needs of a modern, innovative and fast developing Society in the Netherlands. Offering accessible, flexible and customer-oriented products, which are also affordable, is a key. We are proud to have Louwman as a long-term partner accompanying us on this journey.”

Mobility for Life
Louwman Group aims to become a leader in personal mobility, also offering ‘Mobility for Life’. Meaning mobility in the broadest sense of the word, a total mobility package, regardless of the consumer’s stage of life. The intended partnership should make an important contribution towards these goals. Toyota Louwman Financial Services wants to give consumers (private and business) flexible access to the best personal mobility solutions on the market using a simple customer-friendly process of digitization and affordable products and services. Whether it concerns a (shared) car, bicycle or mobility aids such as a hand bike or a scooter.

Press picture: Eric Louwman President Louwman Group and Hiroyoshi Korosue President Toyota Financial Services Corporation