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Louwman and CycloVriend intensify their collaboration: joint sustainable investment in bicycle mobility

Louwman intends to expand its share in CycloVriend, after approval has been obtained from the ACM. Both family companies firmly believe in the future of (e-)bikes as a sustainable form of mobility and share the same ambitions: making bicycles accessible and keeping them affordable for everyone. By further joining forces, both companies can boost the rise of bicycles, including e-bikes.

As a mobility provider, Louwman has an enormous passion for anything mobility-related, which is why it took shares in, part of CycloVriend, back in 2019. The two companies are now intensifying their collaboration. This gives CycloVriend the opportunity to grow further, by opening new stores in both the Netherlands and Belgium and expanding all labels and concepts. On top of that, it enables them to develop new propositions, together with Louwman Group’s other business units for example, matching the innovative objectives.

“As a family company, Louwman wants to offer an all-in mobility package. Bikes should absolutely be a part of that because our motto is Mobility for life. And most of all: affordable and sustainable mobility for all. Because of our intensified collaboration with CycloVriend, we can play an even bigger role serving the bicycle market from now on. Thanks to our combined knowledge and experience with regard to mobility – gained over the past 100 years – CycloVriend will be able to further realise its ambitions and speed up its own growth. Together we believe in the future of bicycles and e-bikes as a sustainable mobility solution”, says Eric Louwman, President of Louwman Group.

Sustainable way of traveling
The umbrella organisation CycloVriend includes various bicycle companies, such as, JUIZZ and BikeFriend. With currently forty stores, CycloVriend is one of the largest bicycle retailers in the Netherlands. It offers suitable solutions for its customers with retail companies, maintenance services in mobile workshops and rental bikes. The power of combining a web shop with physical stores provides added value. Bicycles are increasingly popular with customers. The growing attention to climate, health and traffic issues specifically, will most likely heighten the demand for bicycles even more.

Mark Vriend, CEO of CycloVriend, adds: “Louwman’s vision ‘Moblity for life’ is a powerful yet effective philosophy for CycloVriend. From toddlers to pensioners, from fair-weather-cyclists to passionate athletes: CycloVriend’s ambition to get everyone to cycle in the Netherlands and in Belgium matches it seamlessly. By taking this next step with the Louwman family, we can put to use their knowledge and experience to reach new propositions and giving shape to them better and more quickly. Driven by our customers, we believe in the power of long-term relationships. All of us are looking forward to the future with great confidence.”