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Louwman celebrates 100th anniversary by launching Louwman Fairshare

As a family company, Louwman Group feels responsible for current and future generations, especially when it comes to mobility. That’s why today, April 3rd, 2023 – the day on which Louwman was founded exactly 100 years ago – the company is launching an initiative from its Social Responsibility programme. Under ‘Louwman Fairshare’, Louwman raises money, doubles the amount of each donation, and donates it to charities to make mobility accessible for everyone. This year, the chosen charities are Nationaal Ouderenfonds and Fietsmaatjes.NL.

“Louwman has been committed to mobility for 100 years”, says Eric Louwman, President of Louwman Group. “That goes beyond just a car or a bicycle. It’s about the freedom of movement, a form of freedom that’s not a given for everyone, but it should be. We help make mobility accessible for everyone. Beyond physical limitations or a lack of transportation options.”

Mobility for all
“We offer Mobility for life, even if physical or financial obstacles confine you.” That’s why Louwman raises funds together with customers and other contacts for Louwman Fairshare and in turn donates those to charities that help people in need to be mobile. Louwman doubles each donated euro, with a maximum of € 100,000 a year.

This year Nationaal Ouderenfonds and Fietsmaatjes.NL will be supported through this fundraising. These organisations put their heart and soul into making mobility and the freedom of movement available for all, particularly older people and people that experience a movement limitation. The visions of these two charities are a great fit with Louwman’s sustainable development plans.

Solid foundation
The charities will receive a guaranteed amount of money to underline the importance of the initiative and Louwman’s commitment to the cause. After one year, the raised amount will be shared evenly between Nationaal Ouderenfonds and Fietsmaatjes.NL.

Customers can easily donate in the showroom or at There, they can also find (more) details and the terms and conditions of this initiative. Donations to Louwman Fairshare start at as little as € 1.

Louwman Fairshare will be officially launched for invitees later today at the Louwman Museum in The Hague.

From left to right: Paul de Krom (Louwman), Marlène Volf (Louwman), Kirsten Andres (Nationaal Ouderenfonds), Ellen Doomernik (Nationaal Ouderenfonds), Eric Louwman (Louwman), Jan Burgmeijer (Fietsmaatjes.NL), Tekla Zwinkels (Fietsmaatjes.NL), Mirjam van Iterson (Fietsmaatjes.NL), Iris van Rossum (Fietsmaatjes.NL)