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Louwman Group reinforces group management with Alice Diels and Marlène Volf

As of 1 September 2020, Louwman Group appointed Alice Diels and Marlène Volf to be members of its group management – Alice as General Manager of Human Resources (HR) and Marlène as General Manager of Legal & Compliance. Group management’s responsibilities include Louwman Group’s strategy and general policy.

Alice Diels gained her previous experience shouldering final responsibility at large companies such as Sodexo, Vattenfall (Nuon) and Post NL. In the position of General Manager of HR, she will pay close attention to change management and talent and leadership developments at Louwman Group.

Marlène Volf has worked at Louwman Group for some time now. In addition to her legal and compliance responsibility for this family business, she will now also expand work on such important topics as governance and corporate social responsibility in her new role.