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Louwman takes share in Mango Mobility

Louwman Group brings the joy of mobility to people in all stages of life with Mango’s mobility equipment.

Louwman takes an interest in Mango Mobility. Both parties signed the formal agreement on 17th March 2023. Mango Mobility is a strong player in the sale of mobility scooters, tricycles, wheelchairs and walkers for private users. Within Louwman Group, it will be possible to keep expanding with this successful formula. Mango’s aim is to become the most appreciated mobility brand for elderly people – an excellent fit for Louwman’s portfolio. It enables Louwman to keep offering mobility solutions to people in all stages of life.

Mobility for life
With cars, bicycles and innovations for flexible mobility, Louwman offers strong brands in the mobility industry. As a customer ages, the moment will come when they start looking for alternative mobility solutions as they sit in their Toyota, Suzuki or on their e-bike. Eric Louwman, President of Louwman Group, explains: “Although this need does change, many things stay the same as well. These customers are independent, energetic and are looking for a high-quality mobility resource for their ease and comfort. Mango is very good at that. With Mango Mobility as part of our family company, we can offer mobility for every single stage of life. That fits into our customer promise Mobility for Life seamlessly.”

Independence and comfort
The number of older people keeps increasing. “These people value their freedom and independence highly. They’re used to that with their car or bicycle as well. So they want to keep travelling, visiting their children and grandchildren, and having an active social life. They’re not looking for care, but comfort,” says John Naborn, director of Louwman’s Care division, which the shareholding Mango Mobility will be part of. Because it’s able to meet private customers’ high expectations regarding the products and accompanying services, Mango is the right addition for Louwman.

Mutual reinforcement
Mango Mobility founder Jan-Willem Wiersma also sees the advantages: “Louwman is a committed family company and at the same time a serious player in the mobility field. We managed to obtain a strong brand position on the private market for elderly mobility by ourselves. Together with Louwman we can now expand this success. We’re witnessing a quickly increasing demand, since older people who ride bicycles or drive cars start looking for different ways to be mobile as they age.” With Louwman’s large retail network, Mango will be able to improve its national retail coverage.

Wiersma also claims that with the financial services Louwman has in store, Mango will be able to offer its customers many more options, such as leasing or renting. “I’m convinced that Mango will, with an esteemed partner like Louwman, be able to strengthen its market position much quicker. That means we’ll be able to offer our services even better to many more customers.”