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Louwman will launch trendy, electric Microlino on Dutch market

Louwman will launch the Microlino in the Netherlands. The trendy, all-electric two-seater microcar which perfectly meets the increasing need for compact means of transport in urban areas, will already enter the Dutch market this year. To this end, Louwman has signed an agreement with the Swiss family company Micro.

Reasoned addition to portfolio
As a mobility provider, Louwman has the ambition to unburden people with sustainable and versatile mobility solutions for all generations. Solutions to keep Dutch urban areas more accessible fit in seamlessly with this aim, and therefore, it makes sense to add the two-seater Microlino to Louwman’s portfolio.
Eric Louwman, President Louwman Group: “We are very pleased to contribute to improving urban mobility with Microlino. This amazing new brand fits in with our ‘Mobility for Life’ objective of offering our customers sustainable, flexible mobility at any time.”

Oliver and Merlin Ouboter, board members of Micro Mobility, endorse Louwman’s objectives. “Our Microlino meets customer needs and offers individual mobility in a sustainable and comfortable manner. We are very pleased these two family businesses have found each other and look forward to further expand our cooperation.”

The Microlino
The Microlino, inspired by the bubble cars of the fifties, is an innovative electric microcar developed by the pioneering Swiss company Micro Mobility. Inspired by the benefits of a scooter and the comfort of a car, the Microlino was conceived as an affordable solution for urban mobility. The microcar has two seats and offers 220 litres of luggage space. After the summer, consumers will be able to experience the ease of driving and the benefits of Microlino for themselves.