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Winners of the Louwman Dakar Challenge with Team Spierings to Dakar Rally

Joost Uijtdehaag, a truck mechanic at Louwman Mercedes-Benz in Roosendaal, and Koen Pouwels, a mechanic at Louwman Toyota in Waalwijk, are participating in the Dakar Rally 2024, from January 5th to January 19th in Saudi Arabia. They earned their spot through their victory in the Louwman Dakar Challenge 2024, where two positions were up for grabs in Team Spierings. The rally team, led by Paul Spierings, will be driving a buggy in the Dakar.

On December 31st, Paul Spierings, Joost Uijtdehaag, and Koen Pouwels departed for Saudi Arabia. The race commences on January 5th, with the finish scheduled for January 19th. The Louwman Dakar Challenge 2024 provided technical colleagues from Louwman Dealer Group, a dealer holding with over 50 locations and more than 1,700 colleagues in the Netherlands, the opportunity to earn a participation ticket for the Dakar Rally. After two preliminaries and a final day, Joost Uijtdehaag and Koen Pouwels emerged as the winners. They are now full-fledged members of Team Spierings, providing technical support to rally driver Paul Spierings during the rally.

The Dakar Rally 2024 – The Wild Heart of the Desert – promises to be a captivating journey through the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia. Participants will face challenging terrains and extreme conditions, requiring them to give their all to reach the finish line in Yanbu.

Louwman congratulates Joost and Koen on their exceptional achievement and fully supports them during this adventurous journey. The duo’s participation is not only the result of impressive craftsmanship but also underscores Louwman’s ongoing commitment to providing its employees with unique opportunities.

Discover how Joost and Koen won this unique prize and follow the adventure of Louwman Dakar Team Spierings in Saudi Arabia closely. In April 2024, a new edition of the Dakar Challenge will kick off, once again offering the chance to win participation tickets for the Dakar Rally with Team Spierings. Louwman encourages all current (and future) mechanics to participate in this exciting opportunity.