Climate Neutral Certification Program

With the Paris Agreement there is a world-wide commitment to try and limit the global warming to a maximum of 2°C. This ambitious goal can only be achieved with rigorous changes to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. In order to achieve this goal, many establishments and organisations estimate their carbon footprint and accordingly make a road map to become climate neutral. Yet, there is no clear definition what climate neutrality entails. Therefore, we as an organisation have decided to join the Climate Neutral Certification Program especially due to the obligatory characteristics of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the externally audited progression of these proposed measures.

With our climate policy, Louwman Group division Care (henceforward Louwman Care), wants to contribute to the solution rather than the cause, and try and limit the global warming in line with the Paris Agreement. This means that Louwman Care will reduce their carbon footprint by at least 49% by 2030, and have “net zero” business operations by 2050.

In 2022, Louwman Care’s climate policy has been integrated into the overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program from the Louwman Group. This integration and the addition of RSR Revalidatiecentrum to the Louwman Care climate program, allows us to express our core value “Together we are Louwman” even more. Furthermore, Louwman Group tries to generate more knowledge on sustainability topics in general.

In line with the active contribution to the climate and society, the Paris Agreement and the Climate Neutral Group standard (2030: 49% reduction, 2050: 100% reduction) we can use the following claim in our most important operations:

“The employees of Louwman Care (advisors/mechanics) commute climate neutral certified to our customers”

In order to achieve the 2030 target we propose the following 6 main reduction measures:

  1. Stimulation of ZERO emission mobility
  2. Reduction of business commuting (by car)
  3. 100% insight and at least 49% reduction on energy consumption
  4. (Continuing to) Explore and generate our own renewable energy sources
  5. More sustainable real estate (energy label C to B)
  6. Compensation of CO2 rest-emissions via ‘Gold Standard Renewable Energy Climate Projects’

Cleaner air

Louwman Care uses the following Gold Standard Renewable Energy climate projects for its compensation:

The offset serves for realised CO2 emissions from transport (company vans) and relevant scope 1 and 2 emissions within Louwman Group’s Care division. The emissions are based on an estimate and will be offset against actual emissions at the end of each period.

View Louwman Care’s climate policy.

The 2022 footprint was 3012 tCO2e.