About is a webshop that “just happens” to sell cars. This isn’t about car brands. It’s about consumers who just want to buy a good car with good conditions, without stress but with pleasure. Easily, clearly and transparently. There’s nothing better than driving off in a brand-new car. But not everyone wants to deal with the process prior to that. So where should you start your search? Which defects are lying in wait, and who can discover these? And what if there’s still something wrong with the car? Especially when you don’t know much about cars, stepping into a dealership can be quite tense. At, they think that’s a shame: buying a car should be fun.

The webshop for cars

Shouldn’t buying a car be just as easy as buying a pair of shoes or a washing machine online? This was the idea behind the webshop for cars. This makes looking for a new car as fair and as easy as possible, so that only the fun remains. So the customer selects a new or used car online. Every car can be viewed extensively on the site and the price is fixed. New cars come directly from the dealer; used cars are checked for 31 items and repaired as necessary. Each car is delivered to the customer’s home. Every car has at least a one-year guarantee and there is a 14-day cooling-off period. If the customer isn’t 100% happy, then the car is simply picked up again. Private lease and purchase financing are also among the possibilities.

Martijn Bovee

Thinking from the customer's perspective

At, they do their very best each day to make buying or leasing a car even easier, clearer and more transparent. They do this by always thinking from the customer’s perspective and by being the first in the automotive sector to use innovations in the customer journey. After all, that’s been the same for some 50 years.