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Louwman Exclusive, it’s in the name: the showroom here is full of exclusive automobiles. Special cars and a special company as well. The average car company carries two or three brands, but Louwman Exclusive represents nine, namely: Automobili Pininfarina, Bentley, De Tomaso, Lamborghini, Lexus, Maserati, McLaren, Morgan and TVR. Each brand has its own systems and desires from the factory. This makes Louwman Exclusive a complex business – from inventory management and workshop scheduling to training employees. All team members shoulder considerable responsibility, and this requires special skills.

Focus and cooperation

A single orphaned screw after assembly… absolutely impermissible at Louwman Exclusive. Mechanics must have a laser-like focus. Some customers race their cars at the track; others park their cars for the winter. The knowledge and expertise circulating about this in the company is profound. Because of the complex work activities, cooperation is rife: supporting others in the team is just as important as performing your own task well. Communications skills are also important. The mechanics themselves maintain contact with factories for specific questions and communicate personally with customers.

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About Louwman Exclusive

Louwman Exclusive helps people fulfil their deepest desires. People who don't wish to settle for the obligatory mass-market choices, but who crave something special.

Supplier of freedom

Louwman Exclusive is a supplier of freedom and independence, as they say themselves. The domain of the individual. The domain of the quirky, socially successful personality. The person always charting his own course and who doesn’t mind standing out in the crowd. Louwman Exclusive helps people fulfil their deepest desires. People who don’t wish to settle for the obligatory mass-market choices. They crave something special, a car in an absolutely unusual category. For the person who follows his heart, listens to his inner voice.

Louwman Exclusive wants to be an exemplary company for this market in the area of service and quality. And the team does everything to achieve this, every day. The business is now solidly in the picture and has grown quickly in recent years. The organisation is currently working hard to be even more customer-focused. Listening and advising even better. Because not only must the car be perfect at Louwman Exclusive, everything else around it must also be just right.

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“You're not just buying an exclusive automobile at Louwman Exclusive. You also get an experience and a community.”

— Arjen van Beek, Director of Louwman Exclusive