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About Mobility Invest Group (MIG)

Car-sharing concepts, business mobility, mobility cards for tourists: for more than 10 years, the Mobility Invest Group (MIG) has operated from various enterprises in the mobility sector. In cooperation with such leading partners as Mobiliteitsfabriek, Reisbalans, WijMobiel, Axxel, Tripkey, ISIC-mobility and Dumoco, Mobility Invest Group (MIG) develops mobility services for various different target groups. Consider business mobility for large employers, for example; or car-sharing concepts in residential areas, or mobility cards for tourists.

The convenience of subscription

The mobility services are usually provided in the form of a subscription. Customers receive a card and/or app that makes public transport, shared cars, fuel, parking or e-charging available and enables payment. Mobility Invest Group is working together with Louwman on car and bike subscriptions that can be added to this.

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Mobility for life

By testing and developing various mobility services and subscription form and offering these to various different target groups, Mobility Invest Group hopes in a few years to essentially substantiate lifelong mobility for every Dutch person.

From the very first bike to the student public transport card to one’s first own car, the lease car and ultimately the mobility scooter. In other words: Mobility for life, a leading pledge that fits perfectly with the Louwman brand.


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“Good ideas, concrete action and clever collaboration with our partners: these all energise me.”

— Lucas van Schijndel, Manager of New Mobility ID&D