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CycloVriend and Van der Linde join forces

Mark Vriend (CycloVriend) and Martijn van der Linde (Van der Linde) discuss their shared ambitions

Two of the largest bicycle rental companies in the Netherlands join forces. CycloVriend (a part of the Louwman Group) and Van der Linde Texel will jointly provide the bicycle rental fleet for hotels, holiday parks, and campsites. The organizations have groundbreaking rental technology and a service network with nationwide coverage. Martijn van der Linde, representing the bicycle rental company from Texel, says: “We offer the ultimate cycling experience during your vacation. Our fleet consists mainly of premium brands and is relatively new. We combine this with smart software, so that the bicycle is always offered to the customer at the right moment. We developed the software ourselves, which offers endless possibilities. Renting and leasing bikes becomes more fun and especially easier.”

You rarely cycle as relaxed as you do on vacation. Many Dutch people discover the benefits and the joy of recreational cycling when staying in a hotel or at a holiday park. By example on Texel, where Van der Linde takes care of a large part of the bicycle rentals for holidaymakers. Or on the mainland, where CycloVriend’s subsidiary CycleShare is a major player in the industry.

Since the beginning of February, Van der Linde and CycleShare have been working together. CycloVriend, a shareholder of CycleShare, acquired an interest in Van der Linde’s cycling activities,, and Tilia. At, former rental bicycles are sold to consumers at competitive prices. Tilia is the reservation system for rental bikes that is also marketed externally for rental companies.

Sale of second-hand bikes and reservation system CycleShare

“From the first conversation, it was clear that we speak the same language and have a down-to-earth, pragmatic way of working. We can mean a lot to each other. CycleShare is a significant player on the mainland, which has managed to acquire a large and loyal customer base. In turn, we can offer a lot when it comes to the sale of second-hand bikes. Additionally, I am convinced that our reservation system will assist CycleShare in its activities,” lists Martijn van der Linde. He adds, “Especially the recreational entrepreneurs and their guests will benefit because it will soon be even easier to reserve a rental bike.”

One bike, multiple owners

Mark Vriend of CycloVriend is excited about the new partnership: “Both Van der Linde and we are real family businesses. You can tell by the culture, by the atmosphere in the workplace. It felt immediately right when we sat down with them.” What does CycloVriend aim to achieve with the cooperation? Vriend explains: “We share our vision of the life cycle of a bicycle. Of course, a bicycle is not written off after it has been used in rental for one or sometimes two years. Almost all parts of a bicycle are replaceable. With the right approach, you can almost bring a bike back to its original state so that you can make someone happy with an almost-new bike at a low price. The potential of this model is great, and we see Van der Linde as a good partner to take the next steps.”

Benefits for entrepreneurs of holiday parks and hotels

Vriend also addresses entrepreneurs in the recreational sector: “As an owner of a holiday park, hotel, or campsite, you naturally want to offer your guests the best vacation experience. Thanks to our modern rental bike fleet and user-friendly reservation software, you really have something special for your guests. Is it time for maintenance, or does something break on a bike? Our expert mechanics are on-site quickly, anywhere in the Netherlands. It can be that simple.”

New store in Utrecht

In January, CycloVriend moved to its new location at the Savannahweg in Utrecht, where all business labels are located. The property serves as a warehouse, workshop, and office. In a few months, will open a store at this location for the sale of second-hand bikes.