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Louwman Care and circularity

Louwman Care also has the goal of being a completely circular enterprise by 2030. Climate-neutral materials are consciously used; the re-use of raw materials is encouraged and waste streams are reduced as much as possible. Parts that can no longer be used – such as inner tubes and wheelchair spokes – get repurposed, turned into corporate gifts, for example.

On the road to climate-neutral business operations
Welzorg cookstoves

At our Care companies Welzorg, Auto op Maat, Woning op Maat and RSR, we are headed towards becoming a certified climate-neutral enterprise. The goal: reducing CO2 emissions to zero in 2030. Ambitious, but realistic. Precisely by taking many small steps together over the course of 10 years, lots can be achieved. For example, we invest in cook stoves in Uganda, for example, (efficient, cleaner charcoal ovens) to compensate for the CO2 emissions of company buses. Moreover, this not only provides for a healthier living environment for the Ugandan population, but also for employment and personal development.

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