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Louwman Co-invests in Ligier Store Doesburg

Popular microcars are a welcome addition to Louwman’s portfolio
Louwman is investing in Ligier Store Doesburg, dealer of popular French microcar brands Ligier and Microcar. Ligier Store Doesburg is aimed primarily at e commerce.

Ligier Store Doesburg is to become the city car specialist in the Netherlands, where customers can see and purchase the seven models by Ligier and sister brands Ligier Professional and Microcar. The Doesburg location can be visited by appointment, but the main focus is online sales – an ‘online first, offline second’ approach. The physical Ligier Store functions as a support for the online shop. Paul de Vries, entrepreneur and founder of Ligier Store Doesburg, wants to use this approach to attract a new, younger target audience for city cars.

“An investment in Ligier Store Doesburg seamlessly fits Louwman’s customer promise ‘Mobility for life’. Working with Paul de Vries and his Ligier Store Doesburg enables us to offer more mobility solutions for all life stages, from younger to older. This partnership also fits seamlessly with the growing need for micromobility in both urban and rural areas”, says Eric Louwman, President Koninklijke Louwman Group. It was Louwman that introduced the Microlino to the Dutch market last year. This unique microcar is all-electric and inspired by the iconic bubble cars from the fifties.

Collaborating with Louwman was a long-cherished dream for Paul de Vries, founder of Ligier Store Doesburg. “I’m very proud of this partnership with family company Louwman, and especially with Eric Louwman, with whom I’ve been exploring the possibilities for collaborating in a dealership for quite a while. With #DCDW, one of my other companies, we’re already teamed up strategically with Louwman Group.”

According to the successful entrepreneur, also known from Carmen Automotive BDC, and as a Marktplaats ambassador, the products from Ligier Store Doesburg are a welcome addition to Louwman’s portfolio. “With car makes, bicycles and innovations for flexible mobility, Louwman already offers strong brands in the mobility industry, and mobility alternatives such as microcars supplement this product range perfectly.”

The French brand Ligier gained fame through motorsports (F1 Grand Prix winner), but has focused mainly on selling and producing microcars in the past few decades. Ligier’s models can be driven by anyone from age 16 with a moped driving licence (category AM).