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Louwman Group and Vattenfall InCharge to collaborate on the road towards “zero emissions”

Louwman Group will cooperate with Vattenfall InCharge, which helps companies and individuals charge their electrified vehicles, offering full-service charging solutions. For the drivers of plug-in hybrid and battery electric Toyota and Lexus models, two important brands in the Louwman Group – this means that they are completely unburdened when it comes to charging their cars.

One concrete result of the collaboration is that the fully electric Lexus UX 300e Electric, the Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid, the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid and all Toyota PROACE Electric commercial vehicles can be delivered with either the Lexus Charging Service or the Toyota Charging Service. Both new services have been developed and are ‘powered by’ Vattenfall InCharge.

Charging point for charging at home The services can be purchased at every Toyota and Lexus dealer and can be combined with Private Lease or Operational Lease. This means that customers get a premium charging point for home charging (wall mount or pillar mount). The charging point is automatically equipped with ‘Dynamic Load Balancing’. This makes maximum charging capacity always available such that charging capacity is allocated depending on the consumption of other electrical devices. If so desired, charging for business is automatically settled with the employer or the leasing company.

Comfort and transparency Both the Toyota Charging Service and the Lexus Charging Service include a charging card that can be used at any public charging point or rapid-charge station. The associated app ensures comfort and transparency: this makes it easy to see the locations and availability of suitable charging points, the available capacity and charging costs.

Customer-focused thinking and acting Eric Louwman, President, Louwman Group: “Vattenfall InCharge provides answers to the questions from customers that we want to answer centrally from the positioning of our brands – and even more. One-stop shopping instead of customer referrals. After an extended tendering phase, it turned out that Vattenfall InCharge fits best with our mission and vision Both thinking and acting with customer focus; truly collaborating on devising customer solutions; and then continuing to innovate together – all of these are paramount.””

Important partner in the energy transition Pieter van Ommeren, Director of Vattenfall InCharge Nederland: “Louwman Group is an important partner for us in the energy transition. Together, we can take a giant step forward towards a fossil-free future. This collaboration will make it even more attractive for drivers to shift to electric cars, for example. With such brands as Toyota and Lexus, Louwman is one of the leaders in the area of innovations in electrical transportation. We are really looking forward to the arrival of the Toyota PROACE Electric, for example. At Vattenfall, we’re working hard to electrify our fleet of vehicles. Company vans, in particular, are a big challenge here. It’s great that Louwman now has a good solution for this!””

Mutual objective: ‘Zero emissions’ With this announced collaboration, Louwman Group and Vattenfall InCharge wish to optimally substantiate the joint objective of “”zero emissions”” in mobility. Based on intrinsic values, both companies have been working for some time on tangible plans to reduce he emission of CO2 and NOx to zero. The electrification of mobility plays a vital role in this. In addition to concrete solutions for Louwman Group customers, both companies are considering further collaboration in the area of sustainability.”