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Louwman Rotterdam officially Europe’s most sustainable dealer building

The Louwman Rotterdam building, which offers the Toyota, Lexus and Suzuki brands, has achieved the highest notation for sustainable construction – the BREEAM Outstanding certificate – making it officially the most sustainable automotive dealer building in all of Europe!

Louwman Rotterdam’s high level of sustainability aligns perfectly with Louwman Real Estate’s sustainability ambition.

Not only is this beautiful building a fine place for our employees and customers, but it also actually helps substantiate these ambitions in practice.

We managed to design an extremely transparent building. Both customers and employees alike value this highly as it encourages communication, work satisfaction, neatness and efficiency.

All of the mechanics have a view outside from their workplace, as do sales personnel. Customers can see into the workshop from the waiting area.
Four enormous skylights also allow natural light into the showrooms, and large windows and transparent overhead doors provide natural light in the workshop.

The building is completely energy-neutral. The building is heated and cooled by heat pumps. A solar water heater provides hot water for the workshop.
1,570 solar panels provide 414,000 kWh of electricity annually.

The use of water is limited to the extent possible. All of the water used by the car wash is recycled, the toilets use only 4 litres of water per flush and the urinals use even less: 1.5 litres per flush.

We have also limited the use of materials as much as possible. The walls and roofs are made of light materials in order to make construction of the foundation and steel structure as light as possible.

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