Privacy Policy


This privacy statement applies to all services falling under Louwman Holdings B.V. hereinafter: Louwman Group.

This privacy statement consists of the following sections:

The controller

Our goal: protection of personal data

What are personal data

Which of your personal data do we process

What do we use your personal data for

Security and processors

Your rights and contact

The Controller

Louwman Group is the controller for the processing of your personal data. Louwman Group aims to deliver high-quality services. Integrity is an important factor within this. We consider respect for the privacy of our customers and careful handling of their personal data to be central to the integrity of our service provision. This privacy statement provides general information about how we handle your personal data.

Our goal: Protection of personal data

Louwman Group respects the personal lifestyle of its customers. While carrying out its activities, protection of personal data is therefore also very important to Louwman Group. The greatest possible care is taken when handling and securing personal data. Louwman Group makes every effort to secure the collection, transmission and storage of personal data, in accordance with the nature of such information. Louwman Group has implemented technological solutions with a view to protecting your personal data against unauthorised access and use of these data. If necessary, we will adjust these measures if new, generally accepted security standards or technology become available.

What are personal data?

As soon as data can identify you as a person, these data are known as personal data. Examples of personal data are your name, date of birth and bank account number. Your IP address or user name can also be classed as personal data. We need your personal data in order to enable you to use our services.

Which of your personal data do we process?

We want to continue offering you the high standard of service that you are used to receiving from us. We need your personal data in order to ensure that you can use our services. Depending on which services you receive from us, we may ask you to provide personal data such as the following:


Email address

Telephone number

We will use the personal data that you provide only for the purposes that we communicated to you in advance. This privacy statement provides further information about some of these purposes.

What do we use your personal data for?

Personal data are not sold to third parties

We want to be honest and transparent about the use of your personal data. The personal data that you gave us in order to use the services provided by Louwman Group will only be used for the purposes stated below. We will not sell your personal data to third parties, although data may be exchanged within Louwman Group within the scope of the purposes stated.

Aim and use of personal data

The processing of your personal data always takes place on a basis provided by statutory law, namely:

– Execution of an agreement with you;

– Justified interest of Louwman Group or a third party, such as for example marketing, advertising, security, (crime) prevention, IT management, research and analysis of own products or services, business operations, legal affairs, internal management;

– Your consent;

– An obligation under statutory law; or

– Performance of a duty in the public interest.

We would like to explain the above in more detail below.

Preventing fraud and abuse Unfortunately companies, including Louwman Group sometimes have to deal with wrongful claims or statements. This benefits neither Louwman Group nor its customers. Personal data can also be used to combat this kind of abuse.

Sharing with third parties. For a number of services, we use third parties who help us deliver the product or services requested by you and for this reason your personal data are shared with these third parties. Your personal data may also be passed on to other companies within Louwman Group, or to third parties who (help to) deliver the services and/or products offered. Self-evidently, we make robust agreements with these external parties to ensure the careful handling of your personal data.

Provided you have offered explicit consent, Louwman Group may share your personal data with companies within Louwman Group (see including Toyota Nederland, Lexus Nederland, Alcredis Finance, Suzuki Nederland, Louwman Retail, Louwman Exclusive Cars, Louwman Peugeot, Louwman Mercedes-Benz, and the Louwman Museum. These companies may offer you information about their services and/or products. If you no longer wish to receive this information, you may withdraw your consent at any time.

Improvement of service provision. We use your personal data, collected by means of our services, to be of good service to you and to be able to develop new products and services.

Improvement of website and applications. In order to continuously improve our website, Louwman Group stores (personal) data about the use of our website by means of cookies, web beacons and other similar data storage technologies. Our goal is to personalise ads and be able to offer a better, faster and safer customer experience.

We may share this data, which under certain circumstances may be personal data, with third parties who conduct analyses on our behalf. For information about cookies, please refer to our cookie statement

Relationship management and marketing. We process personal data for our relationship management and in order to carry out targeted marketing activities. Based on data from internal and external sources and your visit to our web pages, we are able to make appropriate and targeted commercial offerings to you, for example by post, telephone or internet. 

Statutory obligations. It is possible that we may be obliged to provide personal data to authorities or other third parties. For example, if this is necessary due to a statutory obligation or in order to perform a task required under public law.

Retention period Your personal data will be retained no longer than necessary, unless we have a statutory obligation to retain personal data for longer. We need your personal data in order to be of good service to you. This determines in the first instance the period that we would set for retaining your personal data. Our starting principle is that we will only retain personal data for as long as is needed for us to be able to provide you with the service. After this, we will remove, isolate or anonymise your personal data.

In order to fulfil certain contractual obligations, the data collected from yourself may be retained for as long as the contract is in force and – depending on the nature and scope of the contract – thereafter, in order to meet the retention requirements under statutory law and to be able to answer any questions or to resolve complaints after the end of the contract.

Data which we believe to be necessary to assess and prevent complaints against us and to initiate legal proceedings or to prevent claims against you, us or third parties, may be retained by us for as long as the respective proceedings might be initiated.

Security and processors

We secure your personal data that are stored by us. Self-evidently, we do everything possible to secure your personal data against unauthorised access, loss or theft. We have set up an internal policy for this, to ensure that our products and services are set up accordingly and that an appropriate level of security is applied as standard procedure. Louwman Group staff members only have access to your personal data if this is necessary for the performance of their job.

We have agreements in place to secure your personal data if we have these processed by an external party. If we involve an external party in our service provision to process personal data for us, we ensure that this party also complies with our security requirements. We do this by concluding a so-called ‘processor agreement’, in which we capture agreements on, for example, the security measures to be taken and use of the personal data.

Your rights and contact

You have the right to view your personal data as processed by us. In addition, in certain cases, you have the right to have the processing of personal data corrected, blocked or removed. Furthermore, you have the right to withdraw your consent insofar as our processing of your personal data is based on such, the right to submit a complaint with the Personal Data Authority, the right to restrict the processing pertaining to you and the right to data portability. The latter means that you may transfer your personal data or to have such transferred. If you would like to exercise your rights, please contact Louwman Group. If you have questions about the manner in which Louwman Group is handling your

personal data, or if you wish to exercise one of your privacy rights, you can use the following website: If this is not possible you can contact Louwman Group by E: or T: 070 – 5151 300, noting the reference “Privacy Louwman Group“. If Louwman Group is not able to establish, or not able to fully establish, which personal data are subject of your request for viewing, amendment or removal, Louwman Group may ask you to provide further details about your request. Louwman Group will delay its response to your request until you have provided the (further) details.

This privacy statement was last amended on April 1st 2021. Louwman Group retains the right to amend its privacy policy. Louwman Group therefore advises that you refer to this page on a regular basis to see whether changes have been applied. Should substantial modifications be made to our privacy policy, we will inform you.